It is some kind of aquaculture net designed to protect  seeds in aquaculture parks (fish farms). Its tearing resistance is remarkable.

 Aquaculture Net

Siembra / Protección de moluscos

Rabitahail 2,5×3

Color Cristal

Rabitainsect 6×6

Color Cristal

Rabitainsect 6×6

Color Verde

Rabitashade 65%

Color Negro

Rabitashade 85%

Color Azul

Rabitashade 85%

Color Blanco

Rabitashade 85%

Color Marrón

Rabitashade 85%

Color Verde

Rabitashade 85%

Color Verde-Blanco

Rabitashade 85%

Color Verde-Oscuro



In the field of aquaculture we could be able to provide various different applications to agrotextiles. We have a wide range of different netting with variable densities. They are made up either with just monofilament or raffia tape combined with monofilament .Likewise we could pay attention to its usage in fish farms or other marine facilities.





  • Sun protection for some specific fish species such as brills and other shellfishes such which require it to grow them such as brills. In some occasions it will be necessary the positioning over the ponds o a doublé layer of shading net to provide total hiding.
  • Windbreak protection.
  • Anti-birds protection in many fish farms, reducing the the losses of juvenile fishes in fish farms.
  • Posibility of tailoring of hapas to grow fishes.
  • Protection  of sedes of bivalve molluscs in fish
    • Rabitahail 2,5 X 3
    • Rabitahail 5 X 4
    • Rabitainsect 6 x 6
    • Rabitainsect 9 x 6
    • Rabitashade 85%
Raw Material

High density poliethilene(HDPE)


Crystal, black and green.

For other colors, please ask the Sales Department.

Special Features

Special reinforcements on the selvedges, making easier the installation of plastic plackets, improving its durability against friction. It is possible as well the installation of shading nets as well as anti-hail nets for fish farms or aquaculture parks to avoid the entry of birds among other functions.

UV Stability

720 Klys


Standard rolls up to 5 meters. Other tailored rolls available under request.

Othey formats

Possible delivery of Jumbo rolls.

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